Modern Warrior

Stress triggers a whole mechanism that gives us the ability to be physically ready to face a risk or run away.

“Your debt, job, addictions, relationship problems, illness or injury may not make it seem that way; but in the context of humanity it is. We live in a time where there has never been more abundance in our resources and less risk to our lives. In fact, our abundance is so much that we are facing an obesity crisis and our life so risk-free that we are now asking questions about how our Governments can cope with us all living so much longer.

kurczeeIf we were to tell our ancestors that we would be living in a time of rampant gluttony and extended retirements, they would surely think humanity had made it to the promised land that the industrial and agricultural revolutions of the 18th Century promised. In the span of humanity, we truly live in a Golden age.”

Analog Collage
Mixed Media: magazines, acrylic paint

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