Is the Darknet a glimpse into the web of the future?

“The Darknet, this anonymised section of the Deepnet allows everyone from copyright pirates, to drug dealers, to dissidents to communicate and do business without fear of leaving their digital fingerprints.”


The Darknet
The Darknet
The Cannibal Cafe
The Cannibal Cafe

Small Talk

“Useless and unnecessary conversation attempted to fill the silence in an awkward situation. Commonly backfires into feelings of loneliness and social discomfort. Usually is intiated by comments regarding the current weather, weather pattern of the past/future few days or major weather disturbances in the recent past.”   – Urban Dictionary

“I am not responsible for what my face does when you talk
noface reddddd.jpg
Small Talk 
Mixed Media: magazines, pigment pen, digital detail




Modern Warrior

Stress triggers a whole mechanism that gives us the ability to be physically ready to face a risk or run away.

“Your debt, job, addictions, relationship problems, illness or injury may not make it seem that way; but in the context of humanity it is. We live in a time where there has never been more abundance in our resources and less risk to our lives. In fact, our abundance is so much that we are facing an obesity crisis and our life so risk-free that we are now asking questions about how our Governments can cope with us all living so much longer.

kurczeeIf we were to tell our ancestors that we would be living in a time of rampant gluttony and extended retirements, they would surely think humanity had made it to the promised land that the industrial and agricultural revolutions of the 18th Century promised. In the span of humanity, we truly live in a Golden age.”

Analog Collage
Mixed Media: magazines, acrylic paint


“You write so beautifully, the inside of your mind must be a terrible place.”

We all get the blues from time to time; even the jolliest soul sometimes has days when he or she feels a little bit down. More severely, many people suffer from more serious clinical depression. Poets remind us that we are not alone, and that others have felt – and articulated what we have felt.


Analog Collage
Mixed Media: magazines, acrylic paint


With the progress of the technology using for wrong ideas, in soon humans will become to be not much more than brainless puppets of powerful people.

Mind Controling – the mean topic of popular season Stranger Things , brings my interest towards psychotronic weapons and in result of my reaserch inspired me to make that collage.

We are now all conected by the internet,like a neurons in a giant brain.
– Stephen Hawking


“That it is feasible to manipulate human behavior with the use of subliminal, either sound or visual, messages is now generally known. This is why in most of the countries the use of such technologies, without consent of the user, is banned. Devices using light for the stimulation of the brain show another way how the light flashing in certain frequencies could be used for the manipulation of human psychic life. As for the sound, a report on the device transmitting a beam of sound waves, which can hear only persons at whom the beam of sound waves is targeted, appeared last year in the world newspapers.

The beam is formed by a combination of sound and ultrasound waves which causes that a person targeted by this beam hears the sound inside of his head. Such a perception could easily convince the human being that it is mentally ill. The acts presented in this article suggest that with the development of technology and knowledge of the functioning of human brain new ways of manipulation of human mind keep emerging. One of them seems to be the electromagnetic energy.”

Analog collage
Mixed Media: magazines, acrylic paint



Love is like a Headshot

“I do believe in the old saying, ‘What does not kill you makes you stronger.’ Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. By overcoming difficulties, we gain strength and maturity. “ Angelina Jolie

“Lately, I have noticed a trend among millennials in the aspect of love it seems as though no one wants to have a heart. The trend of the present day is being “heartless.” When did we become such a cold-hearted generation? When did love become such a terrible thing? Why do we push love aside, just to confidently say “I’m a heartless person” or “I don’t have time for love”?”